Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I can has job!!!

So, the last two posts have been slightly... depressing.

But, I have some good news! I've had a few interviews to do paralegal/law related stuff and I have two follow-up interviews this Friday. Also, I interviewed at Kaplan to do test prep in the evenings and have a follow up interview coming up next week. Life is looking up.

Also, as much as my mother is driving me insane, my dad is being super supportive. When I totld him about one of my follow up interviews today he said "I can't wait until you have a job in the city. It's in the middle of everything and you're young and it's going to be good. And once you're working, you can move into the city and I can come visit you." I'm glad he gets it. It makes my mother being delusional a lot better.

Fingers crossed!!